Understanding the effectiveness of the foundation year programme. W4H

Authors: Adetoro A. Adegoke, Zainab Moukarim and Fatima Adamu
Document Type: Policy and technical briefs
Publication Date: 2015

Understanding the effectiveness of the Foundation Year Programme in producing a new generation of female health workers in northern Nigeria.

The principle of health equity implies that all citizens should have an equal opportunity to be healthy. However, wide disparities in health status exist within many countries worldwide.

In 2014, Nigeria has a total population of 178,516,904 people with about 94,717,499 living in rural areas. Disparities exist between the health statuses of Nigerians residing in rural areas compared with those in urban areas and between the Northern and the Southern regions of the country.

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Tags: Nigeria, Access to health services, Health Training Institutions, health equity, shortage of female health workers, Health inequity, the Foundation Year Programme (FYP), heath systems strengthening,