Training programme for quality improvement (QI) for maternal and newborn health. PRRINN-MNCH. 2nd QI training workshop for health care providers

Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Guides and manuals
Publication Date: 2014

In order to initiate on-going Quality Improvement (QI) processes in the PRRINN-MNCH supported Emergency Obstetric & Newborn Care facilities (EmONC) in three target states, the programme organised a series of three workshops for representatives from these health facilities. Each workshop lasted between two and four days. The purpose of these QI workshops was to build capacity to improve quality of care of MNCH services on an on-going basis by establishing QI teams and the introduction of QI methods. The workshops were conducted at three monthly intervals so that participants gradually built up their knowledge and skills for QI and applied these within their own health facilities, assessing quality of care, identifying quality of care issues, analysing the root causes, and initiating QI activities. Different approaches and methods for QI were introduced and the EmONC facilities have formed QI teams, which are leading the QI processes in the health facilities.

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