The role of MAPS in the fight to eliminate malaria in Nigeria. MAPS

Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Reports
Publication Date: 2015

Health Partners International developed a comprehensive capacity building and systems strengthening strategy based on the findings of a rapid situational analysis in each state, it covered six broad intervention areas, which were interlinked and mutually supportive:

  1. Institutional strengthening activities
  2. Support for coordination and harmonization 
  3. Training with follow- up support on management of malaria control 
  4. Planning, budgeting and review
  5. Integrated Supportive Supervision (ISS)
  6. Strengthening the sustainable drug supply system

HMIS data on key malaria control indicators show that MAPS supported states in the coverage and use of key services such as pregnant women receiving bed nets and malaria preventative treatment, and more appropriate diagnosis and treatment of malaria. States supported by MAPS received more support in both AOP and other aspects of health systems strengthening than other aspects of health systems strengthening than others. They also showed a more consistent and sustained improvement for pregnant women in provision of LLINs. 

After five years, increased capacity for malaria program management was evident in the states supported. Indicators include:

  • The timely development, implementation and review of Annual Operational Plans and LGA Work Plans for malaria control in elimination in nine states and LGAs
  • The implementation and embedding of an Integrated Supportive Supervision systems in seven states
  • A substantial group of more than 1,400 policy makers, managers and service providers trained in program management
  • Core teams of state-based program management facilitators made up at senior and mid-level managers in the health sector of each state

The Malaria Action Program for States (MAPS) was implemented by a consortium of three partners: FHI360 (the prime agency), Malaria Consortium and Health Partners International.

Health Partners International was responsible for ‘strengthening management capacity at State and Local Government Area levels to implement to malaria control’. The MAPS program operated at national and state level in nine states from 2010 to 2016.

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