Strengthening the GAVI system through sound financial management. PRRINN-MNCH

Document Type: Factsheets
Publication Date: 2013

This is the fifth in a series of eight factsheets on the theme of governance and systems, that draws on the results and lessons learned from the PRRINN-MNCH programme. This particular factsheet focuses on strengthening the GAVI system through sound financial management. The key messages are:

Training for accounts staff and new financial procedures have helped release Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) funds for routine immunisation.

  1. Lack of established financial procedures hampered access to GAVI funds for immunisation support frozen in bank accounts.
  2. PRRINN-MNCH worked with accounts staff to develop the Financial Management Guidelines for GAVI funds which were then harmonised with existing accounting procedures.
  3. Sound financial management and transparency are improving access to GAVI funds. The new procedures are leading directly to a rise in immunisation and therefore improved child and maternal survival rates



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