Strengthening commercial retail of LLINs through partnerships with professional associations and business member-based organisations. SuNMaP

Authors: Rubaiyath Sarwar
Document Type: Policy and technical briefs
Publication Date: 2014

The Support to National Malaria Programme (SuNMaP) funded by UK aid from the UK Government, worked with civil society, the public sector and the commercial sector in Nigeria to tackle the challenge of malaria control in Nigeria with a specific focus on preparing the commercial and civil society for their long term role in malaria control. The purpose of the SuNMaP’s case studies  is to share the technical approach of SuNMaP to resolving market systems challenges in the commercial malaria commodity market in Nigeria and the learning resulting from the interventions. This first case study details the approach that SuNMaP followed to facilitate partnerships with the commercial sector representative bodies in Nigeria and underscores some of the challenges and learning that could facilitate the design and implementation of similar interventions by practitioners to develop sustainable commercial markets for malaria commodities.

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Tags: Nigeria, Public-private partnerships, Malaria, private sector, vector control, malaria control, malaria prevention, malaria treatment., long-lasting insecticidal nets, LLINs, PPPs, commercial sector,