Presentation on Social Factors and Communication. MORE MAMaZ

Document Type: Presentations
Publication Date: 2016

Presented at the  review of training event in Zambia on 18th February 2016.

MORE MAMaZ shared their experience of training front-line health providers in social inclusion and communication skills. Funded by Comic Relief, this two and a half year programme, is scaling up an initiative developed and tested by the DFID-funded MAMaZ programme (2010-2013), which successfully increased women and girl’s access to maternal and newborn health services and care.

MORE MAMaZ is working with national and district partners to ensure that all women have access to health services and support, including the most vulnerable, least supported, and most isolated. Many MNCH programmes fail to reach the women who carry a disproportionate burden of mother and child mortality. MORE MAMaZ’s work with front-line health providers aims to improve teamwork and morale within the health facilities, reducing the poor communication that can affect clients’ experience of or willingness to use services. It also focuses on increasing health providers’ awareness of the most vulnerable and least-supported women and girls, and what can be done to reach and support them.

MORE MAMaZ is also empowering rural communities in Zambia to address the many household and community level barriers that prevent timely access to and uptake of maternal health services in five principal intervention districts (Chama, Mkushi, Serenje, Chitambo and Mongu).

The event was attended by staff of the Ministry of Health, representatives of District Health Management Teams, and a wide range of development partners.

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