PLAMAHS: Planning and Management of Assets in Health Services

Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Policy and technical briefs
Publication Date: 2016

Efficient and cost effective use of medical equipment and facilities contribute greatly to meeting Sustainable Development Goals. To strengthen health systems we need accurate, comprehensive and timely and reliable data. Information about equipment and facilities contributes to public health decision making, health sector reviews, planning, managing, monitoring and reporting. Planning and Management of Assets in Health Services (PLAMAHS) offers a solution for physical asset management at all levels of the health system and is a key instrument for health system strengthening.

PLAMAHS can work where there is no existing overview of physical assets at facility regional or national levels, resulting in a needs assessment in which the system identifies prioritised requirements. PLAMAHS can highlight which facilities lack basic equipment in relation to specific policies and guidelines and is is used worldwide by a range of donors. It has been recently implemented in Nepal, Nigeria, Laos, Liberia, Uganda and Malawi, and has positively affected key areas such as planning resource allocation, management capacity, policy and development, efficient and effective running of clinical services therefore ultimately on public health.

Read the PLAMAHS brochure here.

Tags: Information system, Health Management Information System, medical equipment, Health systems strengthening, Health systems planning, physical asset management, resource allocation,