PLAMAHS Planning and Management of Assets in Health Services. Poster

Authors: de Ruijter, P., Parsons, R., and Rahman E
Document Type: Infographics and posters
Publication Date: 2016

HPI presented this poster at the Mechanical Bioengineering Conference under the Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Low Resource Settings track, held by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. The AHT Conference brought together healthcare technologists, clinicians, researchers and public bodies from around the world to explore effective engineering solutions to meet the healthcare problems in low resource settings.

PLAMAHS reports on a wide range of elements, making it an important tool for management, budgeting, planning and prioritising at any level. For example, the stage of a piece of medical equipment’s life cycle can be calculated, and reports on the condition of the running water, power and waste management can be generated to calculate the total ownership and maintenance.

Designed to function in low resource setting with poor bandwidth, the browser-based system remains fully functional during internet disruptions as data is locally stored, and devices can be battery or solar powered. Internet costs are kept to minimum with daily data updates off-peak times. As the dashboard is browser based system, it can be used on a range of devices including mobile devices such as tablets.

Download the poster here.

Tags: Healthcare technology, Health Management Information System, medical equipment, Health systems strengthening, Health systems planning, physical asset management, health systems development, management capacity building,