Payment Models for Emergency Transport Schemes in Northern Nigeria

Authors: Sally E. Findley, Ismaila Balogun, Ashiru Garba, Safiyanu Manii, Charles Uzondo, Musa Kana and Godwin Afenyadu
Document Type: Presentations
Publication Date: 2015

Presented at the HPI and MacArthur Foundation event on 20 November 2015 in Abuja, Accelerating the attainment of Universal Health Coverage through community based Emergency Transport Schemes in Nigeria.

Ismaila Balogun presents an overview of the study itself and the final results from the Payment Models for Emergency Transport Schemes project and discusses the impact of incentives on the performance of drivers in helping women to reach health facilities. He then goes on to discuss the challenges, the lessons and policy recommendations for incentivsing drivers for emergency transport schemes.

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Tags: Nigeria, Community engagement, Emergency Transport Scheme, Access to health services, Incentives, ETS, Access to health care,