Partnership for reviving routine immunization in Northern Nigeria; how Agage community became a success story in community health.

Authors: Kabir Isa Bala
Document Type: Press
Publication Date: 2013

This press article, featured on the Federal Ministry of Information website, focuses on how the Agage Commnuity in Danjo, Nigeria, with a population of about three hundred households, has immensely benefited from the PRRINN initiative from 2011 onwards. A series of initiatives were introduced to increase economic activities while also strengthening the health system.  The community has not had any maternal morbidity or child death since the PRRINN initiative began.  According to the article, the community has since also not had any cases of childhood illnesses. This has in part been achieved through the encouragement of pregnant women of all ages to join associations like the Young Women Groups. The initiative has also provided a well equipped maternity room for safe delivery of babies and maternal care as well as free drugs to those that urgently need them in deliveries and post natal care. The article also highlights the creation of the Agage Blood Donors Association, which has 16 members who offer blood free of charge and are available at all times.

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Tags: Nigeria, Capacity building, Social norm change, Training, Routine immunisation, Routine immunization, Newborn health, Maternal health, Child health, PRRINN-MNCH, Access to health services, Medicines, Behaviour change, Young women's support groups,