Ju-river Drug Store Success Story. HPF

Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Stories
Publication Date: 2015

This success story outlines how Health Partners International assisted in the construction and development of pharmaceutical infrastructure which has helped ensure an uninterrupted stream of medical drugs in Ju-river, South Sudan.

Before the support of Health Partners International, Ju-River County like, all other Counties in the state, did not have a credible drug store. The County used to rent one small room measuring about 25 square meters. The room lacked windows and ventilators, had no shelves and no pallets. The cartons of drugs used to be placed directly on the floor. The room was too small to contain all the drugs the County used to receive. Stock monitoring was very difficult and expired drugs also used to be kept in the same room.

‘’We can’t keep keeping dugs in these conditions. The room is so hot, so small and stinking. Expired and good drugs are all mixed up. HealthNetTPO should help us to improve the situation’’

As a temporarily measure, the County Health Department approached Wau teaching hospital who accepted to provide a temporary room for drug storage. It was large enough and better ventilated. With funds from Health Pooled Fund programme, the room was equipped with shelves and pallets. For the first time, the County had a structure similar to a drug store.

Later management decided that a drug store be constructed at the County headquarters and would be co-funded by Health Pooled Fund and HealthNetTPO.

Since its construction and commissioning, the drug store has provide relatively adequate space for storage, improved storage conditions and promoted good drug and project management information system practices. The County now uses the ‘’PULL’’ system of drug supply which has reduced the risk of drugs expiring in the health facilities and improved on the monitoring of the consumption rates.

The Health Pooled Fund has been providing access to good quality basic health services in partnership with the Government of the Republic of South Sudan’s Ministry of Health. To find out more please visit: http://www.hpfsouthsudan.org/

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