Improving the quality of teaching and learning. W4H

Document Type: Policy and technical briefs
Publication Date: 2015

Improving the quality of teaching is a long term process and challenging attitudes is a critical part of transformational change.

In March 2013, an assessment of quality of teaching was carried out in the 16 HTIs supported by Women for Health (W4H). The assessment found that the majority of tutors and clinical instructors had “no teacher training and inadequate teaching skills.” The report also highlighted the “lack of principals’ and teachers’ awareness and understanding of the concepts underpinning the quality of teaching and learning.” There appeared to be a “general lack of creativity, innovation, energy and enthusiasm to inspire quality teaching and learning.” Students were found to be “conditioned to be recipients of knowledge rather than be developed into independent learners.” Furthermore, “the quality of teaching and learning did not appear in any policies or institutional plans”

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Tags: Health Training Institutions, quality of education, Women for Health (W4H), Quality of Teaching, performance management systems, midwifery education, learning,