Improving systems beyond malaria. MAPS

Authors: Health Partners Intenational
Document Type: Stories
Publication Date: 2016

In Cross River State, initiatives were developed with stakeholders as part of MAPS’ activities to strengthen systems to make better use of resources: these initiatives included the design, implementation and supervision of activities. The State Malaria Elimination Program (SMEP) and other partners were given technical support to develop and review the Annual Operational Planning (AOP) for malaria treatment. This was expected to improve the state’s ability to prevent and treat malaria through a collaborative approach to support interventions.

The Director to the Special Adviser in Economic and Planning Commission of the Cross River State Planning Commission, participated in the development and review of the malaria AOP and replicated this type of planning in the Cross River Economic Empowerment Development Strategy III (CRSEEDS 3). He acknowledged that the training and hands-on practice empowered him to deploy the AOP planning and review process to see how well the activities had been implemented in CRSEEDS 3.

The State Planning Commission adopted these new techniques and the template of the malaria AOP was used to implement these changes to CRSEEDS 3 by the commission.

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