Implementation of the HR Planner: A Strategic Human Resource Management Tool

Document Type: Factsheets
Publication Date: 2016

The Human Resource (HR) Planner is a strategic HR management and planning tool, unique software that is designed to help planners and ministry managers to analyse, plan and manage human resources in the public sector in developing countries. The HR Planner will analyse current systems in the Eastern Cape Department of Health (ECDOH); modelling HR staffing and skills; amending and adjusting organisational structures and customising and implementing the HR Planner.

The ECDOH faces significant challenges, especially in HR planning; where it is vital to provide the right person for the right position with the relevant skills in order to deliver quality, accessible and affordable patient care. However, ECDOH is committed to improving their HR management and development planning and has appointed the HR planning team to optimize staff performance within the allocated budget.

The HR Planner team will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive, costed and rationalised staffing structure;
  • Develop in-house HR capacity through official theory and practical trainings;
  • Reduce turn-around time for production of HR management information;
  • Develop an effective mechanism to identify ghost workers;
  • Advise on standard operating procedures; and
  • Conduct staff and skills modelling.

This will help ECDOH to:

  • Have appropriately skilled staff in the necessary roles across all health facilities to match service delivery requirements;
  • Address critical HR issues such as staff retention and the allocation of resources;
  • Conduct future service scenario planning, management and other planning activities without external assistance and support; and
  • To generate financial savings as a result of more efficient and effective HR management

The HR planning team is supported by Heath Partners Southern Africa (HPSA) and Health Information System Program South Africa. 

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