IMPACT manual: How to conduct an annual PPRHAA for Primary Health Care facilities

Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Guides and manuals
Publication Date: 2009

PPRHAA appraises and collects information on all the major aspects of a health facility or group of health facilities and their management structures, with a focus on management systems, as well as the views of the community and clients served. This process includes collecting information for a range of indicators on the services, coverage and performance of the health facility/institution over five years (or for as many years as data is available), so progress and trends can be assessed objectively and comparisons made between similar facilities and the same facility over time. This manual explains how to plan and train an appraisal team and implement an annual PPRHAA for primary health care facilities. It was designed for use in the Nigerian context but is also based on experiences in Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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Tags: Nigeria, Capacity building, Training, Primary health care, Multi-stakeholder engagement, PRRINN-MNCH, Management procedures, Human resource management, Peer and Participatory Rapid Health Appraisal for Action, PPRHAA, IMPACT,