Human resources for health management toolkit. PRRINN-MNCH

Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Guides and manuals
Publication Date: 2014

The human resources for health management toolkit is a step-by-step guide for health planners and managers to improve the planning and management of human resources (HR) for the health system as a whole and within health facilities. The HR modules provide step-by-step guidance on how to administrate HR and to affect HR Planning, HR Management and HR Development. Facing the shortage of qualified HR practitioners, the toolkit was developed from a wide range of sources to provide a reference document to assist HR officers and managers with HR related functions. The toolkit consists of 10 Modules.

Module 1: Human resource planning (1300kb) Module 2: Human resource management and risk management (1000kb) Module 3: Recruitment and retention (1000kb) Module 4: Human resource performance management (1000kb) Module 5: Human resource discipline (1000kb) Module 6: Employment termination (1015kb) Module 7: Diversity in the workplace (1000kb) Module 8: Effective human resource teams (989kb) Module 9: Human resource training & development (1000kb) Module 10: Human resource information system (2000kb)

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