HPI ICT E-Learning System

Document Type: Videos
Publication Date: 2017

HPI’s E-Learning System (ELS) is a low-cost software and hardware solution that enhances access to online learning. It combines an open-source software platform with HPI’s innovative integrated hardware solution. This enables functionality in the most resource-constraint environments, where power is at a premium or power cuts are common and data costs are expensive.

ELS benefits students by providing interactive online learning materials via desktop or mobile phone. Students can actively self-direct their learning and gain support from remote tutors or trainers.

ELS benefits training institutions also as its novel infrastructure reduces data costs threefold per student. Power consumption is reduced eleven-fold as compared to conventional e-learning systems. Since it is solar-powered, it remains functional despite power cuts.

To gain a quick interactive overview of our E-learning system and how it is helping educators, watch our video.


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