How to fix war-torn societies? Help women to work. W4H

Authors: Thomson Reuters Foundation
Document Type: Press
Publication Date: 2017

The article ‘How to fix war-torn societies? Help women to work’ reports, under the subheading ‘Nigeria Nurses’, how the Women for Health programme in five states in Northern Nigeria is changing women’s roles in societies. The programme is training 6,000 young girls from rural Nigerian communities to be female health workers. The article includes quotes from Fatima Adamu, from the Women for Health programme, about the lack of female health workers in rural areas and the way the community is involved in selecting which girl is trained. The communities are largely on-board with the programme, despite some small-scale resistance.

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Tags: women’s rights, W4H, female health workers, midwives, gender transformation, FYP, girls for health, fragile states, maternal newborn and child health,