Health Systems Strengthening – Supportive Supervision in Eastern Equatoria. HPF

Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Stories
Publication Date: 2015

Providing budget support to enable the State Ministry of Health to execute its oversight role and improve health services

This story provides an overview ofHealth Partners International’s success in developing funding mechanisms in Eastern Equatoria State, which were designed to facilitate supportive supervision of the counties by the states.

Without sufficient budget, Eastern Equatoria State Ministry of Health was struggling to carry out its supportive supervisory role to oversee health services at county health department level.

“the State Ministry of Health (SMoH) was unable to do supportive supervision visits to the counties and health facilities due to the lack of transport. We have a limited number of vehicles and no proper servicing was given to them because our priorities are many but the operational fund is very little”

Under the new model, Each State Ministry of Health identifies an Implementing Partner to manage the fund for them as donors are unable to fund governments directly. Norwegian People’s Aid is the county implementing partners in Eastern Equatoria who are taking the responsibility of managing state support funds as an additional responsibility.

In each state, the supportive supervision budget from the Health Pooled Fund has facilitated visits by the Minister of Health to most County Health Departments and staff motivation has benefited from this leadership. The additional monies were also used to buy new office equipment and to remove barriers to communication with the counties. Overall it has contributed to raising the level of professionalism in State Ministry of Health offices and boosting morale throughout the counties, ultimately resulting in improved health service delivery.

“Since Norwegian People’s Aid brought the internet services under the Health Pooled Fund state support fund, we have been able to receive the reports from the counties and send them to Juba in timely fashion. If we want to pass messages to the counties and hospital it’s very easy with the internet because we even have a new generator which is fuelled all the time”

The Health Pooled Fund programme has been providing access to good quality basic health services in partnership with the Government of the Republic of South Sudan’s Ministry of Health. To find out more please visit:

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