Health Partners International in Zambia. MORE MAMaZ. Poster

Authors: Miniratu Soyoola, Cathy Green, Paula Quigley, Charlotte Mitchell
Document Type: Infographics and posters
Publication Date: 2016

This poster was presented at the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance (ZUKHWA) Autumn Conference. Health Partners International has been working in Zambia for over 15 years and we recently registered our wholly-owned subsidiary, Health Partners Zambia, in the country. This poster presents our partnership approach to working in Zambia on our recent Mobilising Access to Maternal Health Services in Zambia (MAMaZ) and MORE MAMaZ programmes.

Aim: To describe and share the ways in which HPI has adopted a partnership approach in Zambia
Methods: MAMaZ and MORE MAMaZ’s approach to partnership development focused on a number of different levels: organisational, national, provincial, district, health facility and community levels.

Results: The MAMAZ/MORE MAMaZ approach involved a range of partnerships, including those at the interface between demand-side and supply-side. This has led to impressive results in maternal and newborn health indicators, and in women’s and girls’ empowerment.

Conclusion: A partnership approach is vital for embedding effective and sustainable ways for supporting demand-side interventions. Its success is evidenced through the positive results of MAMaZ and MORE MAMaZ and it enables us to move beyond pure, vertical health approaches to impact on the wider social determinants of health, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Tags: Zambia, Community participation, More Mamaz, community monitoring systems, demand- side interventions, partnerships, More mobilising access to maternal newborna nd halth services, community health volunteers,