Guidance on procuring ox carts to improve maternal health access in Mongu, Zambia. MORE MAMaZ

Authors: MORE MAMaZ
Document Type: Guides and manuals
Publication Date: 2016

The programme procured and deployed over a hundred Bicycle Ambulances (BAs) but in Mongu, deep sand and the frequency of flooding meant that ox carts were a more appropriate emergency transport solution. Eighteen ox carts were constructed by a local supplier and design was adapted to suit the vehicles purpose. These guidelines share tips for procurement and deployment for oxen and ox carts.

MORE Mobilising Access to Maternal Health in Zambia (MORE MAMaZ) was funded by Comic Relief. The programme was implemented by Transaid, Health Partners International, Development Data and Disacare in partnership with the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health and District Community Health Teams. MORE MAMaZ was established to support the government’s efforts to improve maternal and newborn health access and outcomes.


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Tags: Zambia, Safe Motherhood Action Groups, Bicycle ambulances, Emergency Transport Schemes, ETS, social support, community systems, community response, SMAGs, maternal and newborn child health, Intermediate Modes of Transport, IMTs, BAs, community empowerment, volunteerism, locally appropriate technologies, ox-carts,