Empowering women and girls through Safe Motherhood Action Groups in Zambia. MORE MAMaZ

Authors: MORE MAMaZ
Document Type: Policy and technical briefs
Publication Date: 2016

The Comic Relief-funded More Mobilising Access to Maternal Health Services in Zambia programme (MORE MAMaZ) is empowering women and girls via seven ‘gender-smart’ strategies:

  1. Participatory community engagement approach to mobilise communities
  2. Addressing social norms that disempowered women and girls
  3. Placing a strong focus on male involvement
  4. Adopting a whole community approach
  5. Training large volunteers of community volunteers to ensure adequate capacity
  6. Creating an enabling environment for women’s and girls’ empowerment
  7. Training front-line health providers in social inclusion, including a focus on gender-based violence

These strategies were used to address the wide range of disabling norms that constrained women’s and girls’ access to essential MNH services and were integral to the results achieved by the programme. This approach not only helped to improve health outcomes, but also lead to changes that extended beyond health.

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Tags: Zambia, Safe Motherhood Action Groups, Community engagement, Empowerment, Gender-based violence, Voice and accountability, MNCH, V&A, GBV, violence against women and girls, women and girls empowerment, Gender dynamics, community response, social and behavioural change communication, SMAGs, maternal and newborn health, gender empowerment strategies,