Empowering communities through community monitoring of health systems. MORE MAMaZ

Authors: MORE MAMaZ
Document Type: Policy and technical briefs
Publication Date: 2016

This policy brief highlights how the programme’s approach to community monitoring systems (CMS) was cost-effective, self-sustaining and empowered communities. The CMS data gathered by volunteers closely correlated with data generated by the programme’s endline survey, showing that community-based data collection systems can be highly accurate and provide additional data to support that generated by the Health Management Information System.

The Comic Relief-funded More Mobilising Access to Maternal Health Services in Zambia programme (MORE MAMaZ) worked with District Health Management Teams (DHMTs) to scale up a demand-side intervention that comprehensively addressed the range of maternal barriers and delays at household and community levels. The programme’s community monitoring component sought to use community members trained as Safe Motherhood Action Group (SMAG) volunteers to routinely monitor and record programme indicators.

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Tags: Data collection, Capacity building, Zambia, Maternal health, Antenatal care, Safe Motherhood Action Groups, Community engagement, Information system, Empowerment, HMIS, MNCH, community interventions, SMAGs, ANC, community monitoring systems, CMS, demand- side interventions, evidence,