Emergency Transport Service Saves 19,000 Pregnant Northern Women

Authors: Winifred Ogbebo and Victor Okeke
Document Type: Press
Publication Date: 2015

This press article, featured in Leadership, focuses on the Emergency Transport Scheme piloted in four states in northern Nigeria, which since 2009 has helped to transport 19,000 pregnant women in the north to health facilities in emergency situations. The article discusses how findings show that even with population coverage of 4.3 million that 1,592 communities have been reached through the scheme. The project is funded by the MacArthur Foundation and is designed to help ensure the transportation of women in rural areas to ensure they have access to health care facilities on time. They have managed to over reach their target by 14,000 women and there are talks to expand the schemes to other parts of Nigeria.

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Tags: Newborn health, Maternal health, Emergency Transport System, Northern Nigeria, Access to education, transportation, MacArthur Foundation, health care facilities, women, community,