ELMS Electronic Learning Management System. Poster

Authors: de Ruijter, P., Parsons, R., and Rahman E
Document Type: Infographics and posters
Publication Date: 2016

Electronic -Learning Management Systems (ELMS) enable access to teaching materials, empowering teaching staff to present training curricula with the help of feature rich e-learning material. Our ELMS system,an open source E-learning environment, provides a software and a hardware solar- powered classroom solution providing internet access without the internet, at low cost in resource poor environments. Currently ELMSĀ  is being implemented in northern Nigeria for the Women for Health programme to help improve the quality of health worker training and teaching and to strengthen recruitment and retention of female health workers in rural health facilities.

HPI presented this poster at the Mechanical Bio-engineering Conference under the Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Low Resource Settings track, held by the Institution of Engineering and Technology. The AHT Conference brought together healthcare technologists, clinicians, researchers and public bodies from around the world to explore effective engineering solutions to meet the healthcare problems in low resource settings.

Download the poster here.

Tags: Women for Health, education, W4H, pre-service education, Quality of Teaching, quality of health training, healthcare technologies, e-learning, low resource environments, e-health, mobile device developments, Electronic Learning Management Systems, ELMS, health training courses, e-learning solution, sustainability, low-energy consumption, technological solution, solar classroom, internet without internet access, healthworker training,