Designing and strengthening Integrated Supportive Supervision. MAPS

Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Policy and technical briefs
Publication Date: 2016

This brief summarises MAPS’ support for institutional strengthening in nine Nigerian states, through adapting and implementing the national policy and strategy for integrated supportive supervision (ISS). This technical brief explores how the concept of ISS relates directly to areas identified under the national health policies and strategies. It also discusses the steps and processes used in supporting states to implement national strategies on ISS. The key successes and results (as well as challenges and lessons learnt) are outlined and supported by evidence from both beneficiary and supervisory perspectives.

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Tags: Nigeria, Malaria, Integrated supportive supervision, MAPS, malaria control, Malaria Action Program for States, National Malaria Elimination Programme, NMEP, malaria control interventions, ISS, malaria interventions, USAID, national health policies, National Strategic Health Development Plan, preventative treatment in pregnancy, IPTp,