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Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Stories
Publication Date: 2016

Community outreach that shares knowledge and saves lives

This success story is about how Health Partners International is preventing mothers dying during child birth through educating communities about when and how to seek emergency care.

To carry this out Health Partners International assembled and trained an outreach team from Tonj Civil Hospital including two community mobilisers, a Prevention of mother-to-child transmission counsellor and a midwife to gather community members for weekly discussions on topics related to safe motherhood and child health in the surrounding villages.

These discussions proved to be a success and as a result the community was better educated about obstetric complications.

“[The discussions are] solving a frontline problem that we suffered daily… I learnt about the benefit of seeking care at the health facility, complications in labour and delivery, and also bleeding during pregnancy which is a danger for the mother and the baby.”

During the session, community mobilisers also shared the phone number for the new free ambulance service to transport emergency obstetric and neonatal cases to Tonj Civil Hospital for care.

Less than two weeks later, this information saved a young woman’s life who was suffering for labour pains for 2 days when William became the first person from his village to call the new ambulance service.

“During our discussion in the community meeting it was our assignment given by the Comitato Collaborazione Medica staff to diffuse the message to those who did not attend the meeting. That’s why I called the ambulance,” William said.

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