Co-Location in Warrap Is Improving Communication and Coordination. HPF

Authors: Health Partners International
Journal Title: Co-Location in Warrap Is Improving Communication and Coordination. HPF
Document Type: Stories
Publication Date: 2015

Co-locating Implementing Partners and County Health Departments to improve coordination, knowledge sharing and planning in South Sudan.

This success story outlines how a unique county model is helping to build a sustainable health system in South Sudan. By co-locating both Implementing Partners and County Health Departments, Health Partners International is driving improvements in coordination and communication.

Through this model Community Health Departmentss benefit from working with seasoned and knowledgeable development practitioners to ensure joint planning, budgeting and oversight.

The Community Health Department wasn’t able to manage reporting and documentation very well then, but now we are reporting using Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) and taking minutes at all our committees and meetings.”

Supplementing this are efforts by HPI to support counties and NGOs in the area to develop single county health plans which coordinate all health activities including by other NGOs and UN Agencies.

Joint planning exercises, facilitated by HPI and attended by a range of different stakeholders, have been set up periodically that have helped enable these activities.

“Before, each organisation was working alone and not talking to each other. But now, the county is taking ownership and each organisation is lining up together under the leadership of the county.”

Results are revealed in the county referral system. The county ambulance was provided by the Health Pooled Fund programme and is co-managed by the Community Health Department and GOAL, the Implementing Partner for Twic county. But it is stationed at Mother Teresa Hospital in Turalei, a faith-based hospital,supported by Health Pooled Fund.

“Before the Health Pooled Fund programme we used to refer patients but the system wasn’t streamlined. Now we refer from the Primary Health Care Unit to the Primary Health Care Centre to Mother Teresa hospital then to Wau or Kuajok.”

The Health Pooled Fund has been providing access to good quality basic health services in partnership with the Government of the Republic of South Sudan’s Ministry of Health. To find out more please visit:

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