Can health outcomes improve without empowering women and girls?

Authors: Health Partners International and WISE Development
Document Type: Videos
Publication Date: 2015

This playlist of 8 videos includes an overview of the presentations and discussions on 10th September, 2015 at the HPI and WISE event.

Click on the playlist to view the full presentations and discussion celebrating Health Partners International’s 20th anniversary and welcoming WISE Development as part of the HPI Group.

You can watch a trailer or overview which highlights some of the key messages of the evening’s presentations. Or click on individual presentations. The order is as follows:
Bryan Haddon, Chair of Health Partners International gives a welcome address.
Georgia Taylor, Director of Health Partners International and WISE Development chairs the discussion and discusses “Women and health”.
Susan Elden, Senior Health Adviser for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) discusses “Girls, women and health – putting it all together”.
Fatima Adamu, National Programme Manager, Women for Health (W4H) programme, Nigeria discusses the achievements and lessons from the W4H programme.
Henrietta Miers, Senior Associate of WISE Development discusses “The empowerment of women and addressing gender equality”.
Diarmuid McClean, Development Attaché, Irish Aid and Director of Health Partners International sums up the presentations.
The question and discussion video explores the views of and questions from the audience.

Thank you to all those who attended Health Partners International’s 20th anniversary celebration and making the evening a thoroughly enjoyable one! We were proud to mark this milestone as a moment to reflect on some of the significant progress we have contributed to in improving health outcomes for women and girls through our work on governance, community mobilisation and health systems development.

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