Bringing maternal and child health to northern Nigeria

Authors: Dr Cesar Chelala
Document Type: Press
Publication Date: 2013

This press article, featured in The Middle East Times, focuses on improving maternal and child health to northern Nigeria, in particular through the Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria and the Maternal Newborn and Child Health Initiative (PRRINN-MNCH). It outlines how this programme was successfully carried out in the four northern states of Jigawa, Katsina, Yobe and Zamfara, which have particularly poor child and maternal health indicators. This success has led to improvements in the quality and availability of maternal, newborn and child health services in those areas, in part due to working simultaneously with governments, development partners, local staff and religious leaders to strengthen primary health care services. This multi-stakeholder engagement also ensured that health messages were widely distributed and assimilated in the communities and that routine immunisation was more readily taken up. These developments, according to the author, have  created “the basis for a consistent, steady development in the country’s health care system.”


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