Better planning helps control malaria in Ebonyi State. MAPS

Document Type: Stories
Publication Date: 2016

The President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) of USAID, through MAPS, helped Ebonyi State to conduct a rapid assessment of malaria control services in state health facilities. It found that health facilities were hampered by irregular supplies of medicines and other supplies for the diagnosis and treatment of malaria, and that health workers lacked the skills and support to provide malaria services effectively. The assessment also found that the state didn’t know enough about the levels of service in facilities. MAPS staff identified a core team of officials in the state who were responsible for planning malaria services and arranged training to improve the team’s knowledge and skills in planning and budgeting. In just one year, Ebonyi more than doubled the number of pregnant women receiving mosquito nets and getting treatment to prevent malaria affecting their pregnancy. It also doubled the number of fever patients tested for malaria

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