Beating malaria with money from below. MAPS

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Publication Date: 2016

Costed and comprehensive states Annual Operational Plans for malaria control were developed in Oyo state with the support of MAPS. The process has helped build the capacity of state managers in the planning and budgeting of malaria control activities.

However, no similar plans for malaria control were developed in any of the State’s Local Government Areas (LGA’s). This lack of costed work plans at LGA level limited the amount of funds that could be released and used for malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Thus the provision of malaria control services at this level of the health system was poor.

In 2014, in an effort to further build capacity for planning at the LGA level, MAPS supported ten LGAs in Oyo State to develop work for plans for malaria control. The state took the lead and provided most of the required funding, with MAPS providing mostly technical support. Now, at least one of those LGAs has had the budget adopted and funds released for malaria control activities as a direct result of its work plan.


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