Addressing human resources for health services in Northern Nigeria. PRRINN-MNCH

Authors: Health Partners International
Document Type: Policy and technical briefs
Publication Date: 2013

This is the first in a series of five technical briefs on the theme of governance and systems, that draws on the results and lesson learned from the PRRINN-MNCH programme. This particular brief focuses on addressing human resources for health services in Northern Nigeria. The key messages are:

Northern Nigeria faces critical shortages of skilled birth attendants and other health workers – this is exacerbated by poor human resources (HR) management.

  1. PRRINN-MNCH has developed a human resource management toolkit to support better planning, management and development of human resources for health.
  2. The goal of having a functional and fully populated HR information system that is regularly updated is almost achieved.
  3. Next steps required to consolidate the achievements include providing senior managers with accurate HR information and strategies for improving performance; developing additional modules in the HR system; and rolling out the remote access, web-based module of the system.


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