Achieving Success with Market 4 Poor Approach in the Public Health Sector Domain. SuNMaP

Document Type: Policy and technical briefs
Publication Date: 2014

The purpose of the Support to the National Malaria Programme (SuNMaP) case studies are to share the technical approaches for identifying and resolving market system challenges in the commercial malaria commodity markets in Nigeria, and the learning resulting from the tools, approaches and interventions applied. This case study examines the catalytic impact the commercial sector activities have had in the context of the programme’s broader goals for building national capacity for policy development, planning and coordination, harmonised support across the different agencies (both public and private sector), improved population coverage of effective measures for prevention and treatment of malaria and continually adding to the evidence base for more effective strategies on prevention and treatment.

The case study highlights the numerous challenges in the market place, how the commercial sector team has dealt with those contextual challenges and the emerging learning from the field on what has worked and what has not worked and why. Conclusions point to why it is important to continue to encourage commercially driven activities in highly subsidised sectors.

SuNMaP was funded by UK aid from the British people and provided support to the National Malaria Elimination Programme and participating states to deliver malaria control services. The focus of SuNMaP malaria control initiatives was supporting both public and private initiatives to reduce the burden of malaria through different interventions in prevention and treatment. SuNMaP specifically incorporates an experimental Commercial Sector support component, which focuses on establishing private sector markets for long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs), Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits (RDTs) and Artemisinin Combination Therapies (ACTs) respectively for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malaria

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Tags: Nigeria, Capacity building, Malaria, west africa, private sector, policy development, malaria control, malaria prevention, long-lasting insecticidal nets, LLINs, malaria diagnosis, RDTs, commercial sector activities, Rapid Diagnostic Test Kit, Artemisinin Combination Therapies, ACTs, malaria treatmen,